Federal Government Announces Lifting of COVID-19 Border Measures

The Federal Government has announced that effective October 1, 2022, all COVID-19 border measures will be lifted. Specifically, as of this date, all travellers to Canada, regardless of citizenship, will no longer be required to:

  • Submit their public health information to ArriveCAN;
  • Provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination;
  • Submit to pre-arrival or on-arrival COVID-19 testing;
  • Complete a quarantine or isolation period;
  • Monitor for or report COVID-19 symptoms if they develop upon arrival to Canada;
  • Undergo health checks for air and/or rail travel; or
  • Wear masks on airplanes and/or trains.

Cruise ship passengers will also no longer be required to be vaccinated, present a pre-boarding COVID-19 test, or submit their public health information to ArriveCAN as of this date.

Individuals who have entered Canada in the 14 days prior to October 1, 2022 will not need to complete their remaining quarantine or isolation period or their testing requirements as of October 1, 2022.

However, temporary foreign workers and other foreign nationals will still need to meet the applicable entry requirements set out in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the accompanying regulations in order to travel to and enter Canada.

The Federal Government’s new release announcing the removal of these measures can be found here.

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