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Canadian Government Taking Special Measures for Canadians and Foreign Workers Affected By the Alberta Wildfires

June 9, 2016

Canadian Government Taking Special Measures for Canadians and Foreign Workers Affected By the Alberta Wildfires

The Canadian Government has put in place special measures to support those affected by the Wildfires in Fort McMurray and the surrounding areas. Among these supports are specific measures for foreign workers who have been displaced, or are now out of work due to the forest fires. The following information is intended to inform our clients on the necessary steps that Canadians and foreign workers may take to replace damaged or lost citizenship and immigration documents and to extend work permits.
Priority Processing of Extensions and Free Replacement of Documents
Until August 3, 2016, citizenship and immigration documents belonging to Canadians and temporary foreign workers will be replaced at no cost and on an urgent priority basis. These documents include, but are not limited to: citizenship certificates, Canadian passports, PR cards, work and study permits, and visitor records.
Work permit holders whose permits expire after May 3, 2016 will also be permitted to apply for an extension of their work permit even after the initial work permit has expired if the application is made by August 3, 2016. Similar measures are in place for affected students.
Holders of employer-specific work permits whose place of employment is no longer available due to the wildfires are encouraged to apply for employment insurance.
Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Accommodations
AINP will hold applications currently in the processing queue for up to one year after the evacuation date, in order to give foreign workers time to find new employment. Foreign workers in this situation must contact AINP to update their information. When new or alternate employment which is eligible under AINP is found, the worker must contact AINP and his/her application will be returned to the queue for processing.
If a worker has already received a nomination under AINP, it will be maintained and s/he will be given the opportunity to find new or alternate employment. A nomination will be maintained if the temporary foreign worker is actively looking for employment.
Pro Bono Law Alberta
Pro Bono Law Alberta, the Canadian Bar Association – Alberta Branch, Legal Aid Alberta and other community legal partners across Alberta will host a special Dial-a-Lawyer event on Saturday, June 11, 2016 to assist residents affected by the Fort McMurray wildfires. For additional information on the event and other resources, please contact Pro Bono Law Alberta.
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