Complimentary Session

Workforce Organization and Contractor Management – Calgary, AB

Event Summary

In today’s business climate, market forces and economic realities are causing employers to diversify their workforces. More than ever before, prudent and efficient engagement of contractors can assist in meeting critical business needs. However, care must be taken to ensure legal compliance and mitigate risk. Join us for a complementary Calgary seminar on the largest risk issues, most significant developments and management strategies, featuring experienced and specialized Alberta practitioners.

Topics will include:

  • Initial considerations: Independed Contractor, Dependent Contractor, or Employee?
  • The common elements of contractor management systems
  • When to use each type of worker and what to use them for
  • Workforce integration of contractors: Human Resources and operational impacts
  • Co-employment risks (including human rights, workers’ compensation, benefits, CPP, EI and taxation considerations)
  • Occupational Health and Safety considerations (including legalized marijuana)


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