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CANCELLED CompClaim – Workers’ Compensation Bootcamp (Level 2)

Event Summary

Workers’ Compensation Bootcamp Level 2 builds on the information covered in the Level 1 Bootcamp. This session will help participants understand more complex concepts that arise in the workers’ compensation world.

This level is geared towards individuals that have more experience or more advanced knowledge of workers’ compensation claims management.  This session provides training on more advanced topics that can arise in more complex claims.

This seminar will cover topics such as:

  • Psychological entitlement including Chronic Mental Stress
  • Entitlement to Loss of Earnings (LOE) benefits and how they are calculated
  • Permanent Impairments and Non-Economic Loss (NEL) awards
  • Re-employment and cooperation obligations under the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act and how to comply with them (Including O.Reg. 35/98 for Construction Employers)
  • Understanding Work Reintegration (WR) and Work Transition Services (WTS)
  • Monitoring WR and WTS and the cost impacts of those claims including experience rating implications
  • Objections and Appeals: time-limits and strategic considerations
  • Important Information about the WSIB’s Rate Framework

Access registration for June 4th Level 2 session here.

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