Complimentary Webinar

OHS in Canada: The Year in Review 2016

Event Summary

The OHS landscape in Canada continues to evolve in interesting ways that have increased risk to corporations, management and directors and officers. Join us for a complimentary annual national update on the largest risk issues, most significant developments and management strategies, featuring experienced and specialized OHS practitioners (including two former prosecutors) from Ontario and Alberta.

Topics will include:

  • Legalization of Marijuana – What It Means for Workplace Safety – Recent Cases Highlighting the Issue for Employers
  • New WorkSafeBC Policy on Administrative Penalties – Greater Discretion and Potentially Higher Penalties
  • Corporate Probation & Creative Sentences in Alberta
  • Federal Employer Obligation to Inspect Workplaces Over Which They Have No Control
  • Sentencing for Criminal Negligence
  • How to Protect Privilege in a Workplace Accident Investigation – Even Where Investigation Required by Statute
  • Freedom of Religion in Quebec Does Not Trump Worker Safety
  • Sexual Annoyance and Threatening Behaviour – When It Can Result in Termination for Cause for Safety Reasons
  • Ontario Bill 132 Changes and Code Practice to Assist Employers in Ontario with OHSA Harassment Obligations
  • Work Refusal on Basis of Subjective Assessment of Safety Doesn’t Stand in Maritimes
  • Other Significant OHS Amendments, Trends, Changes and Cases


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