Complimentary Webinar

OHS in Canada: The Year in Review 2015

Event Summary

The OHS landscape in Canada continues to evolve in interesting ways that have increased risk to corporations, management and directors and officers. Join us for a complementary national update on the largest risk issues, most significant developments and management strategies, featuring experienced and specialized OHS practitioners (including two former prosecutors) from Ontario and Alberta.

Topics will include:

  • Increased frequency of jail time for OHS violations, including jail time for corporate directors;
  • New prime contractor regulations and obligations in Saskatchewan;
  • Post-contravention steps and their declining significance as a factor to decrease penalties;
  • Significant changes to BC’s workers compensation system including provisions to potentially prohibit a business from operating where there is ongoing non-compliance;
  • The “new WHMIS” – the globally harmonized system for hazardous materials comes to Canada; and
  • Other significant OHS amendments, trends and changes, cases of significance.


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