OHS Due Diligence: Essentials of Taking Reasonable Care as a Manager/Supervisor

Event Summary

Due diligence by managers and supervisors is ever – critical for both organizations and individuals. Enforcement of OHS requirements against individuals continues to escalate nationally– with OHS prosecutors charging supervisors and managers more often, withdrawing fewer charges (even if the employer pleads guilty), and increasingly seeking jail and significant fines for those convicted. Corporations are frequently held to account directly as a result of the actions or failures of supervision and management. The best way for supervisors, managers and corporations to help ensure a safe workplace and minimize risk of personal and organizational legal liability is by individuals taking all reasonable care – in other words, by ensuring manager / supervisory due diligence.

This detailed seminar, delivered by two former OHS prosecutors, will provide detailed instruction to assist supervisors and managers in understanding their legal obligations and due diligence expectations.  There will be practical commentary on and scenarios to demonstrate best practices for meeting these requirements.

Topics addressed in the seminar will include:

  • The current Canadian OHS enforcement environment;
  • Why prosecutors charge supervisors and managers—and how to minimize this risk;
  • Who is a supervisor under the OHSA – helping to identify this role and risk, for lead hands to presidents;
  • What the courts say about the health and safety role of a supervisor;
  • The duties of supervisors and managers under the OHSA;
  • Understanding supervisory due diligence;
  • The components of all reasonable care; and
  • Properly documenting due diligence before an incident occurs and gathering the evidence after an incident.

This seminar can also be delivered for your organization by one of our specialists at a fixed fee. If interested, please contact for further details.


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