Webinar Recording, COVID-19

Labour and OHS in the Ontario Construction Industry – Managing Risk During the COVID-19 Crisis

Event Summary

This one-hour webinar will address the practical and legal issues for Canadian employers arising from the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, with a particular focus on the Construction Industry and Occupational Health & Safety.  This program will also contain a labour relations update and address potential issues and concerns for construction employers looking to restart job sites.

The topics of focus include the following:

Managing the Re-Opening of Job Sites

  • Tips on How to Safely Re-Open the Job Site and Measures to Take
  • Dealing with Employees who Contract an Illness or are Diagnosed with COVID-19

Occupational Health & Safety

  • Government Measures Affecting Construction Projects 
  • Ministry of Labour Site Visits/Inspections 
  • Work Refusals: Update and Considerations

Labour Relations Update

  • Labour Board Update (including changes to procedures and other items to be aware of)
  • Interpretation of Essential Construction under the Regulations
Recorded live May 8, 2020


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