Employment Law and the Gig Economy: Ontario’s Proposed Changes to Employment and Labour Laws

Event Summary

There has been a significant shift in how human resources are being utilized by organizations. The use of predominantly long term, full time employees, has decreased. The use of independent contractors, part-time employees, and temporary employees has increased significantly, and likely, permanently.

This shift has been caused by a combination of factors.  Globalization and increased competitive pressures are one factor.  New technologies which allow organizations and individuals to more easily distribute and/or find available work is another factor.  And finally, changes in generational attitudes towards traditional long term employment might be considered a further factor.  All of these factors have contributed to the emergence of what has been called the “Gig Economy”.

Ontario’s employment and labour laws have not kept up with these changes.  Current laws are out of sync with how work is being organized and accomplished by employers and individuals.  Recently proposed changes to Ontario’s employment and labour laws (in particular Bill 148, the Fair Workplaces Better Jobs Act) have attempted to address some of these issues.  However, these proposed changes have far-reaching cost and operational implications for provincially-regulated Ontario employers.  These changes (once passed into law) will likely require human resources professionals to update existing practices and procedures to minimize unintended breaches when any changes take effect, while ensuring stability and predictability for existing arrangements.

Join us for a breakfast seminar in Toronto to better understand the largest risk issues, most significant developments and management strategies, featuring experienced and specialized Ontario practitioners.

Topics will include:

  • The legal implications:  independent contractor versus employee
  • When to use each type of worker and what to use them for
  • Workforce integration of independent contractors
  • Co-employment risks (including human rights, workers’ compensation, benefits, CPP, EI, and taxation considerations)
  • Impact of proposed changes to Ontario’s employment and labour laws


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