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Criminal Negligence at Work – Chilling Liabilities and Practical Strategies

Event Summary

It has been 10 years since Bill C-45 amended the Criminal Code to make it easier for organizations to be convicted of criminal negligence. During that time, a series of individuals and corporations have been charged and convicted of criminal negligence following high profile workplace accidents. In those cases, sentences have reached new heights and the chilling potential of the Bill C-45 amendments has been demonstrated.

Hear from our experts as they unravel the complexities of Bill C-45 and provide commentary including:

  • Recent cases and how criminal law risks facing individual workers, supervisors, directors, officers and organizations have evolved over the last decade;
  •  Trends in sentencing and the practical implications of the decision in R. v. Metron Construction Corporation;
  •  The efforts of organized labour to advocate for greater use of the criminal negligence provisions in the Criminal Code; and
  •  Specific risk management considerations and strategies to reduce the risk of criminal prosecution and conviction including practical accident response strategies.

Audience: business owners, senior managers, corporate counsel, safety managers and human resources professionals.

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