Webinar Recording, COVID-19

Restarting the Construction Industry: Construction Law and OHS / Labour & Employment Law Issues

Event Summary

COVID-19 Employer Update No. 5

a Joint Webinar with Glaholt Bowles Partners, Brendan Bowles and Andrea Lee.

We are pleased to announce that Mathews Dinsdale and Glaholt Bowles, a leading construction law firm, will be presenting this joint webinar regarding Construction Law, Occupational Health and Safety, and Labour / Employment Law issues contractors face while operating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our presenters will discuss how to address delays and changes to construction contracts due to COVID-19; employee screening at job sites and other precautions, dealing with government enforcers, work refusals, and human rights considerations as construction ramps up again.

The topics of focus include the following:

  • OHS Issues: jobsite screening, work refusals, OHS enforcement
  • Labour, Employment, and Human Rights Issues: accommodation requests, privacy, and Labour Board update
  • Statutory issues: liens and holdback
  • Construction Contract Issues: force majeure, change in law, delay claims and changes

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