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COVID-19 and Vaccines: What An Employer Needs to Know

Event Summary

Various vaccines have now been Health Canada approved for use as a COVID-19 risk mitigation tool.  While deliveries are delayed and inoculations are stalled, questions abound for employers.   Although the vaccination rollout is in its early stages, employers are already asking how this new weapon in the fight against COVID-19 might impact their workplaces.

One frequently asked question is whether employers can mandate that their employees take the vaccine. In this webinar we outline the requirements and key OH&S, privacy, human rights, labour and employment considerations for the effective implementation of a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy where one is warranted.

We will also discuss:

  • Recent Covid-19 case law
  • Prior case law on ‘flu vaccination policies
  • Evolving enforcement & the potential for criminal charges related to a worksite outbreak
  • Human rights issues arising from vaccines

Our session will be presented as a panel discussion and registration will only be available via webinar as part of our own COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy. We hope you can join us for this complimentary session!


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