Webinar Recording

Bill 32: Another Overhaul of Employment and Labour Relations in Alberta

Event Summary

In recent years, Alberta has experienced major fluctuations in its employment and labour relations climate, as legislative changes under the NDP and UCP governments have reshaped employer and union dynamics in the province. Join us for a complimentary review of how Bill 32 will once again alter Alberta’s employment and labour relations landscape.

This webinar will be presented as a panel discussion. Topics that will be discussed include:

  • the employment and labour standards changes proposed under Bill 32;
  • how Bill 32 aims to rebalance relations between employers and unions, foster economic recovery and growth, and encourage job creation and security into the future; and
  • what impact Alberta businesses can expect.

We look forward to your participation. Those who wish to submit questions in advance will have the opportunity to do so on the registration form or by emailing them to seminars@mathewsdinsdale.com before July 24, 2020. All submitted questions will be reviewed by the panel. Questions answered during the webinar will be selected on the basis of the timeliness of the issue(s) raised and the amount of time available to answer all questions posed to the panel. 


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